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  1. Hello All Does anyone know if there is a way to get a Turbo umac to communicate with an UPC UA server. I am thinking someone may know of a piece of windows software that will allow PE-eWin32 to communicate with an UPC UA server on the same computer. Hopefully all three pieces will run nicely on a windows 10 pro platform. I am trying to build an HMI platform for our machines that are still running on windows XP. If anyone has any other ideas how to achieve this please let me know. Mike Winrich
  2. Thanks Charles P, I see about setting up a test stand.
  3. We are looking a replacing our linear mag-scale (increment encoders) with a SSI linear. All the specs I have on the new device are in the attached file. The device has a 1u (miron) resolution. The SSI frame is 32 bits. Bits 31-28 null, 27-2 Position data (gray scale), bit 1 Parity, bit 0 error. The application is a 5" linear quill feed unit. We will have a Umac turbo cpu and rack. My questions are which Acc card should I use with this device? Will the 26 bits data coming off this device make it not compatible? Thank You for your time and help. Mag-Scale_Linear.pdf
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