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  1. Hi Is it possible to have total span in the compensation table as a negative value? One of the motors has a range from 0 to -200000 mu.
  2. Hello, below you can see a piece of source code for position reading: /****/ if (commInThread.SendCommand("#1.." + MAX_AXIS.ToString() + "p", out reponse) == Status.Ok) { try { string[] words = reponse[0].Split(delimiterChars); for (int i = 0; i < MAX_AXIS; i++) { if (i == WIndex) { float Wpos = float.Parse(words); axisPositions = Wpos%360inpulses; } else { axisPositions = float.Parse(words); } } } catch (Exception /*ex*/) { DebugPrint("DTDEBUG::UpdatePosLoop: error while reading position from the controller\n"); } } In case I move modulo operation to PLC program, the "p" command will return the value without modulo. So, I'll be forced to make changes for special position reading of W axis in the software. May be you know the better solution for such a case? Thanks!
  3. Hi again, there are 3 motors connected to same Gate3[0]. From Power PMAC IDE, I enable one of them and jog it, everything is good, if I enable any other motor and jog the same motor, the strange noise is coming from the motor. ( in both directions ). It happens like this with two others too. We have have checked electrical wiring and found that it is OK. Any idea why it might happen? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi again, more than one year ago I asked this question, but the problem is still there. I need to reset the position of the rotary axis when it reaches 360° to 0° and so on. Until today I have been doing that in the software on PC side using the modulo. Our application is testing disks with different resolutions. It might be 1 degree and less. It is very critical to have data every scan resolution. With modulo sometimes we missed data in the areas where the reset was done. So, how can I implement it differently? I would like to make it as PLC module that monitors the position and when Home sensor is high, the position becomes 0. The motor is revolving when I want to do that. The sensor is connected to Gate3[0].Chan[0].HomeFlag. On PC side I execute the "#1p" command the get the current position. Is it possible to make something like this: open plc RESETPOSITION if (Gate3[0].Chan[0].HomeFlag == 1) Motor[0].ActPos = 0 close I tried to reset ActPos, it does not work, so what does?
  5. Thank you for the answer, but it does not help me. I still have same problem. Can you send the instructions of what you were doing while double checking? Thank you in advance.
  6. We have true DAC outputs on all our controllers.
  7. What should be Gate3[x].DacStrobe parameter for CK3M?
  8. Hi, I have changed it to $F, but when I try it manually with Gate3[0].Chan[0].EquWrite=1(3), it worked for the first channel only. It means Gate3[0].Chan[1(2,3)].EquWrite = 1(3) didn't work. I didn't get any hardware output. I tried to do that when all other channels had Gate3[0].Chan[j].EquOutMask=0 and also with their defaults. Can you give me an example how to initialize this?
  9. Hi, we have upgraded our system with CK3M controller (previously we had Power Brick controller). The main problem is that we have to tune all motors again, but they are same, why?. All parameters (Kp, Kd, Kvff and others) were dramatically changed. Kp parameter looks limited to 4-7. if I try to increase it, the plot gets very strange shape. A new UI for tuning motors (I use Power PMAC IDE 4)does not work! Basic tuning feature starts running, but never stops. Our problem - we cannot reach same behavior of motors with Kp=4. Is there something "undocumented"?
  10. I want to have EQU output from all channels on chan[0]. Is it possible to make with Gate3.Chan[j].EquOutMask?
  11. Hi, we have started to use the new Omron CK3M controller with Power PMAC IDE 4. There are 8 motors connected to the controller, but only first output (Gate3[0].Chan[0] and Gate3[1].Chan[0]) is wired for hardware output pulse. So, for what I want to ask we have the following: Gate3[0].Chan[0] - motor 1 (X) Gate3[0].Chan[1] - motor 2 (Y) Gate3[0].Chan[2] - motor 3 (Z) Gate3[0].Chan[3] - motor 4 (W) I want to have position compare feature working for each of them, but separately. I know there is a flag Gate3[0].Chan[0].EquOutMask, but I did not understand how it works. Please, explain with examples. Right now, I can see the hardware output signal coming out from motor 1 only. For this I need to set all Gate3.Chan[j].EquOutMask to 0, except the first one (Gate3[0].Chan[0].EquOutMask=1). Thank you in advance.
  12. Then, how can I implement a hardware reset of axis position every 360 degrees? There is a sensor and it gets signaled every 360 degrees. At this moment I have to reset axis position to 0. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi, I am trying to implement a "rollover" mode for my rotation table. I am doing the following: &1 #1->Z #2->Y #3->U #4->V #5->X #6->CC 'rotation table Coord[1].FeedTime = 1000 Coord[1].PosRollover[5] = 360 All motors are homed and I make jog, rel, abs moves. I don't see that position of CC is running between 0-360 degrees. It is continuously grows up in + or - direction. What I am doing wrong? Please, advise. I am using PPmac IDE v., firmware -, CPU:PowerPC, 460EX, Type: UMAC
  14. Hi again, according to what I understand from the example above, we cannot run the system with block rate more than 1000 blocks/sec, because Coord[x].SegMoveTime will be 1 msec in this case and it is already very critical for CPU. Am I right?
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