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  1. Thanks for your help. I have a brushless AC motor with a resolver and I am using "Four guess method". I always thought that I could use absolute phasing with the resolver but the system does not let me to operate with the same resolver for absolute phasing. Or I do not know how to do it.
  2. Dear all, I have experienced the same effect several times and I cannot sort it out. Randomly, when I switch the controller on, and phase the motor, the sense of rotation changes with respect previously. The act of phasing changes the direction of rotation and that produces the position control to be unstable. And what is worst is that I have to retune the motor again until it rotates with the correct sense. Does anyone knows what am I doing wrong? Thanks Regards
  3. Hi, I am trying to supply a set of sampled angular positions to the PMAC so they can be followed by our motor in position control. At the moment the positions are going to be supplied in a .txt with two columns, time and angular value. The motor has to follow those values in the given time. What is the best way to do this if possible? What I am trying is to store the .txt in the Documentation folder inside PMAC and read the file from a C program called from a motion program through CfromScript function. At the moment I am sucked reading the file for some reason. Thank you very much Best Regards
  4. Hi all, we are trying to use a resolver being read with the ACC 59E3 in PMAC 3 style. We want to control a 8 pair of pole motor in torque control and velocity control. I have managed to acquire position measurements and filter them using a first order low pass filter (the only that works) with: index1=0 index2=from 100 to 255 But when we execute the motor setup in order to tune the current and servo loops, it fails on the servo setup and sometimes even before (open loop test). When we try the manual tuning, it fails again due following error. I wonder if anyone could provide the correct settings for the ECT to be used with a resolver with the ACC 59E3. We have used type I, index1=0, index2=100. But what about the LSB and the length in bits of the data? Also on the motor setup, during the "Motor built-in feedback", it needs the resolution value. What should be that value for a resolver? Also in feedback type, it asks for counts per revolution. Again, what value should this be? I would appreciate any inputs on this. Thanks in advance. Best Regards
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