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  1. Hello, We want to use Rotary Buffer feature for the very first time for one of our CNC Machine. For the same,we have generated a motion program & downloaded to Rotary Buffer. Now we want to check for the "PR" command only after the certain number of lines are executed by Turbo PMAC2-Clipper.We observed that the "PR" value remains same inbetween the execution of rotary motion program.Pl guide How to get the proper value of PR command?? Present Configuration of I variables and sequence of program downloading is: 1)I16=5 2)I17=10 3)I5113=0 4)I5120=10 5)&1 DEF ROT 500 (Rotary buffer is defiened with &1 CS) 6)Downloaded NCProgram of 42 lines through PEWIN PRO2 Editor. 7)After Downloading of NCProgram PR value is read as 34. 8)Then "B0R" Command is issued. And read the value of "PR" is same to 34 during the execution of program. (We have ensured that Motion Program is getting executed properly but PR value is not getting changed during execution of Program) Pl guide how to get the updated PR value? If any addition setting of I/M variables are reqd ? If possible can u send us any sample program for the same ? Aprecaite your support & guidance in advance. Thanks & Regards, Prasad Tonape, Shashwati Dhabekar, shashwati.dhabekar210@gmail.com.
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