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  1. Hi, We got an application where we need to control an external pneumatic valve via Modbus protocol while running motion program. Is there an example how to send Modbus commands from .pmc file? Regards Siva
  2. Hi, I am using "Equidistant Pulse Output Per Traveled Distance Along the Path" example from "LASER PULSE CONTROL WITH POWER PMAC DSPGATE3" document. I have replaced virtual motor setup parameters with these parameters Motor[6].InvAmax=1 Motor[6].MaxSpeed=1000 EncTable[6].type=1 EncTable[6].index1=0 EncTable[6].index2=0 EncTable[6].index3=0 EncTable[6].index4=0 EncTable[6].index5=0 EncTable[6].pEnc1=Sys.udata[16].a EncTable[6].pEnc=Sys.udata[16].a EncTable[6].MaxDelta=0 EncTable[6].ScaleFactor=1 EncTable[6].TanHalfPhi=0 EncTable[6].CoverSerror=0 Motor[6].pDac=sys.udata[16].a Motor[6].Ctrl=sys.PosCtrl //Motor[8].Ctrl=UserAlgo.ServoCtrlAddr[8] Motor[6].ServoCtrl=1 Motor[6].FatalFeLimit=0 Motor[6].pAmpFault=0 Motor[6].pAmpEnable=0 Motor[6].pLimits=0 Motor[6].PosSf=1 Motor[6].Pos2Sf=1 Motor[6].Servo.Kvfb=0 Motor[5] -> Is used for User-Written-Servo cal running and the remaining setup as given in the document. I can see pulses on Motor[10]. Why it's outputting on Motor[10] even thought I haven't defined it anywhere in my project files? What needs to be done in order to change Virtual Motor[10] -> Motor[x]? How can I output these pulses on power clipper? Regards Siva
  3. Using "BuildandDownload example", if I create a new .pmc file in the current project, it will build without any errors. I can download the entire project or a single ".pmc" file without any issues. When I tries to execute the script is, it says "Program not in the Buffer".
  4. I have tried that but when I tries to execute the script, it shows error saying "Program not in the buffer".
  5. Hello Steve, Where can I find the documentation for Power PMAC PDK? Do you have a PDK user/Reference Manual? I couldn't find it. Could you please point me to the right direction. Regards Siva
  6. Hi, I have created a project with Power PMAC IDE but didn't do build and download, instead I used BuildandDownload Example to do that. After downloading, it shows "Motor not Active" error. Now, I used Power PMAC IDE to build and download for the same project, it shows motors are enabled and works fine. Am I missing anything here? Regards Siva
  7. Hi, How to download a ".pmc" file using C# rather than using PPMAC suite? Regards Siva
  8. Hi, I am trying to run C# example provided in the class slides, I got the following two error message while running the program: "communication = Connect.CreateSyncGpascii(DevProp.Protocol, communication);" Page - 555 "communication = Connect.CreateSyncGpascii(CommunicationGlobals.ConnectionTypes.SSH, null);" Page - 553 Thanks Siva
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