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  1. Hello, I have a setup of Turbo PMAC with Arduino. With the arduino mega board, i have stacked with ethernet shield with it. I've setup the PMAC ip address ( and a default port no (1025). Mode: TCP, board: PC104. And the arduino ip address is, as client. i don't see the ethernet port LED lighting up on both devices (PMAC or Arduino). if i plug PMAC to computer, i can see the ethernet port lighting up. Same as arduino board, when i plug the ethernet from arduino to computer, it lights up too. but when i connect from pmac to arduino, no sign of any indication. Is there anything i've missed? i would like to use the arduino board to send simple commands like p23=100.
  2. Hello guys, i have directly connected a maxon flat motor come with a MILE (inductive incremental encoder) to J3 terminal from turbo pmac clipper board, but there's no position ready. When i changed back to HEDS 5540 avago optical encoder, everything works fine. The conversion type is 1/T extension of incremental encoder. May i know where i did wrong? attached the motor and encoder datasheet. Thanks. 15-342-EN.pdf
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