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  1. Dear Sir, Please find the below link. The problem is explained properly in this thread. You can find the screenshots as well. http://forums.deltatau.com/showthread.php?tid=2475 Please reply on either of the posts as early as possible. Thanking You, Abhishek Karve.
  2. Dear Sir, We are facing a problem of configuring Ethercat Power PMAC (465 CPU) with Hengstler Acuro Encoder. We were able to configure the Hengstler Encoder on 460 CPU without any issue. But we are facing a problem on 465 Power PMAC CPU. The Ethercat LEDs on Power PMAC are not blinking at all when we use PPMAC 465 CPU. The firmware version of both CPUs is Kindly reply at the earliest. Awaiting your reply. Sincerely, Abhishek.
  3. Dear Sir, We have successfully configured Ethercat Master Delta tau with the slave drive Motiflex E180. First we properly tuned the motor through ABB drive. After configuring the Ethercat Setup we were able to enable the drive and get position feedback from the motor as well. It is just moving some 10,000 counts after issuing #1out0 command and tripping. But we were not able to JOG the motor. We are getting following errors on Drive software (ABB Mint Work Bench) 1) Over speed trip 2) PDOs not properly mapped 3) Resolver feedback signal lost. We wish to operate the Motor in Cyclic Synchronous Torque mode as it’s necessary for our application. The XML file of ABB Motiflex E180 has only four PDOs namely- 1) Actual Position 2) Control Word 3) Status word. 4) Target Position. These are the PDOs needed to operate the drive in Cyclic Synchronous Position mode. So the Big question is does the ABB Motiflex E180 operate in CST mode? If yes what are the necessary PDOs to operate the Drive-Motor in CST mode on Ethercat ? We have asked ABB regarding this as well.
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