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  1. I have another problem with another motor, it is similar to the first one but the voltage is 24V. The problem is that the response is too strange, first of all it is negative and I changed the PhaseTableBias=-512 and the response does not change. In addition the curve finish at 0 it is not logic.
  2. Thanks for the help, I did change the Rought Pahsing to 0 and I have the same response.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the configuration of the current close loop on the PowerBrickAC. We have DC (brush) motor with the next specifications: R = 3.7 ohms L = 2.7 mH V = 48 VDC We configure the motor as the manual said. To do the auto-tuning of the current close loop we blocked the motor and set the PhaseTableBias to +512, but the response did not according to the manual, and our expectations. We read the manual of the Power Pmac to tune the current close loop, but we don't understand why the amplitud of the step test waveform is too different to the value that we set. I attached the graph of the response and the configuration. Thanks in advance, Regards Roberto
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