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  1. Our application requires PMAC2-Style Servo IC to be setup with Compare Register A and Register B to be more than 24bits from each other. Because of the 24bit rollover the signal toggles at the wrong time. What is the best way to handle the 24bit rollover problem?
  2. Yes thanks I saw that 1C is a Axis 1 Over Current: Indicates that channel n ‘s peak current has exceeded the permissible limit (20 Amps)
  3. Is there a way to see what the peak current is on a non fatal move? Is the peak current value always 20amp or is it configurable? (Maybe our setting is wrong) This way we can tell if we are always close to the limit or that we might have an intermittent gore cable problem that is shorting out a motor coil at certain locations.
  4. Thanks for the response i157 (ix57) = 0, i158 (ix58) = 0 And LED Is: 1C
  5. Running Turbo PMAC on GEO Brick controlling a Dover stage. One of the 5 stages we have is having problems. All stages are running the same code. An error happens approximately once every 10 minutes of continuous motion. The error is Amplifier Fault Error (Bit 3), Open Loop Mode, Also the Abort Deceleration in progress bit comes on. There seems to be no resistance when moving the stage by hand. Is there any diagnostics we can run, other error bits or anything else to narrow down what the problem source is? Motors, Scales, Wiring, Physical Obstruction, Bad Tuning???
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