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  1. I have successfully gotten connected. I rolled back to usrflash.5, and that resolved it. I still don't understand why I could not communicate from the IDE.
  2. I have been programming for a few days on a Micro Power PMAC (Omron CK3E-1210). Everything was going well. Added EtherCAT devices, ran a few small PLC programs. After cycling power, the IDE will no longer communicate with the Micro Power PMAC. IP = Standard port, username, password. I can ping the device. I can Telnet / PuTTy into it. When I try to connect with the IDE, I get a Cannot open GpASCII port error. I have tried it from 2 different PCs (IDE version I have tried a USB stick with folder named 'PowerPmacFactoryReset', and that does not seem to reset anything. The IP Address remains the same. Any ideas how to get communicating with the Micro Power PMAC again?
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