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  1. So I've got the Sycon.net open, and I don't see any reference to an ACC-72EX device. How did you get that talking?
  2. So we're setting up a machine to use a Power Brick with a Siemens PLC. We have the 72EX card installed, but I can't figure out for the life of me how to set it up for Profinet! I've read the manual, and it just looks like handwaving unless you're setting up ENIP. I was encouraged to read about a "ACC-72EX Setup Assistant Software", but was unable to locate it, and I can't tell if that would even be of use to me. Has anyone here set one up for Profinet, or does anyone know what that would look like? Thanks everyone!
  3. I was working with software limits, so I went digging through the Power PMAC Software Reference Manual, and under Motor[x].MaxPos, where it says: "Refer to the section on software position limits in the User’s Manual chapter Making Your Application Safe<\i>." So I went to the Power Brick LV User Manual, and there is no such chapter. Any insights?
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