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  1. This is no longer a problem as I have a new PC which installed the IDE with no errors.
  2. I am trying to install PPMAC IDE but it is consistently failing at the stage "Installing the PowerPMAC IDE 'MySQL' Service." with the message "Failed to install the 'MySQL' service." I don't have any MySQL processes running in task manager, and the MySQL service is stopped. I do have MySQL Server 5.0 installed if that is a problem. I have attached the install log. PMAC_Installer.log.txt
  3. Hi Jay, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I don't think any of those task levels are appropriate for what I need to do. I am the packets via UDP and as far as I am aware socket programming is not available in User-written Phase/Servo routines, and not recommended in RTI PLC routines. Also, the specific problem I asked about in this thread is that the function I am using to read the packet from the socket is taking 8ms to execute, so if I used it in an RTI routine which has 0.5ms available to complete it would stall everything. I also don't need a fixed frequency as I am not sending packets out, only receiving them from a source that sends them at 1000Hz. I just need to be able to process them as quickly as possible.
  4. I am working on a background program that needs to receive and process packets that are being sent at 1000Hz. I am currently using recvfrom() to read the packets from the socket, but it appears to be too slow to keep up with the rate I am receiving data. I have tried taking out all processing of the data so I am only calling recvfrom() and timing it using GetCPUClock(), which seems to be taking up to around 8ms for that function alone. Are there any other methods of receiving UDP packets from a socket that would be able to cope with 1000Hz? Cheers, Alex
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