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  1. Thanks for your help. New IDE and new firmware fixed the problem.
  2. http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/Firmware/Release/ [FILE REMOVED] Eric, thanks. You have fixed my problem. I promise to read notes in the future!
  3. Ok, thanks. I'll try that but I'm not hopeful. As a matter of interest, how should I have known to use posix rather than normal? Why doesn't the installer let me know that I've chosen the wrong firmware?
  4. I've just done a fresh install of the IDE version Older threads suggest that firmware is distributed with the IDE but I can't find any .deb files on my PC. I have found, downloaded and installed powerpmac_arm.deb v2.3.2.5 (I am using CK3E) from filedepot as I assume this is the latest. The install appears to have been successful. However: I now have a new problem that prevents a successful build. ethernetip.h wants to include "opener_api.h" and "cipcommon.h" neither of which seem to be on my PC. Can anyone point me to a software suite for a CK3E that will work out of the bag on a 64-bit Win7 Pro PC or other solution?
  5. PowerPMAC IDE CK3E firmware Am building a background cplc. I understand that the IDE populates the include file pp_proj.h. This has worked for me when I have been experimenting with _EnumMode_ and _PPScriptMode_. Now, for some reason, the pp_proj.h file isn't being populated. Have done all level of resets, cleans, PC reboots, run as administrator and IDE re-installs but header is still empty resulting in undeclared variables. Frustrating as it used to work and now doesn't but I don't know what changed. Any suggestions?
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