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  1. Hi,everyone,i met a question when i added a motor to a slave device. After had configured "Amplifier","User Units",I found that the Primary Feedback of the Feedback Type in Encoder is none but i had downloaded the project and "Load Mapping to PowerPMAC".I had no idea about it.Is the hardware is not compatible?Or something wrong with esi?Or the others?And can i do something about it?Thanks
  2. hello,everyone,I had a question about hardware limit.When motor hitting one of the hardware limit,it stopped very slowly and had a large follow error just liked stopped by "kill" mode.But i am sure Motor[x].FaultMode=0.When i had a "Jog" move,"j/" worked well by setting Motor[x].AbortTa=100
  3. OK,I had another way to realize it,but watchdog also alarmed even If there is no iteration in program.I set a flag in the end of the program ,I found the program was finished,but wtd still alarmed.I guess there maybe some parameters were not right.I had.set Coord.SegMoveTime=10 and anyother parameters needed also,e.g.Sys.PreCalc?I also feel alarm happened when I put motor plus into KinMotorPos,but servo only had Ethercat communication innormal.I don't know why.
  4. hello, if "X1000 Y0 Z100 U10 V20 W20" in my motion program,when the value of KinPosAxisX changes to 1000 ,KinPosAxisY changes to0 and so on?In my inverse kinematic ,i will use next position and the last positon for calculation,when i loaded the value of the KinPosAxis,i found the value of it was present position,it was not i want.So how can i do?
  5. Ok,I will take more training later.There is iteration method in my inverse kinematic.But even when I just take it once,there also some problems .The global var "P" which I put in the kinematic program to monitor the local vars in the program sometimes is zero though I am sure I had put some data in it.I can't understand.Maybe it did not realize when watchdog alarmed I thought first,but other vars after it did not zero and ck3e didn't have any alarmed.Could you help me?I just have no idea about it!Thanks!
  6. Thanks for your reply.I still have some questions.First,"kill" command is like to disable "servo on" ,isn't it?But it didn't work at once until the motor's velocity is zero,is it normal?Second,If motor does jog move,can command"abort" do well?
  7. hello,everyone When i use kinematic in the ck3e,it watchdog always alarmed,i want to change its execution cycle .I know kinematic calculation worked in realtime cycle,isn't it?So if I change Sys.RtIntPeriod time ,could I make more time for kinematic calculation?
  8. hi,everyone today when i tested motor jog move,I found that when motor running fast and I send a kill command ,it could not stop quickly and velocity was decreased very slowly ,even than command J/,why?all of parameter is default and the JogTa=0
  9. First thank you for your reply. I just want to make.a software for a robot with ck3e .Sometimes linear maybe not work very well at which the inverse kinematic for solution is a singular matrix and,sometimes,e.g.fiirst point of the traj I.just want to arrive simplely not must be a line .So I think i would like to add p_top- functon to it.
  10. hello,everyone i have some trouble in motion program which used axis defined by kinematic ,i want to use kinematic and rapid model in the save motion program ,e.g. #1->I #1->I #2->I #3->I #4->I #5->I #6->I linear x10 y10 z10 u10 v10 w10 f50 ta1 #1->x #2->y #3->z #4->u #5->v #6->w rapid x20 y20 z20 u20 v20 w20 is that right?can this example run well?
  11. hello,everyone i want to make some matrix calculate in CfromScrip program with ck3e,but unlucy,i found it didn't work well.when i call function about matrix as the example,it always down,who could tell me does matrix function in ck3e can be used?/thanks
  12. hello,everyone When i use cfromscrip() function in scrip plc ,i put its result into P var, and it always nan,who could tell me the reason? Thanks
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