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  1. I have found how to protect IP from the IDE manual. Thank you
  2. Thank you Steve, I missed page 20 of the manual, I will have a call with the user on this matter. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am Sangjoon Lee. Power PMAC IDE has Project Encryption function. If you go to project properties, you could choose if you encrypt your project. Here, you have given two options, encrypt all project files and encrypt some project files. My question is that if a customer wants to add his own features to a project that is paid, can the project developer allow only some files of the project and hide other files? for instance, kinematics routines. in other words, I want to hide kinematics routines and open PLCs so its user can add additional codes, assuming the additional codes do not affect kinematics. I have tested some steps but it seems that a partially encrypted project cannot be rebuilt and downloaded, yes I agree. So I tried not to Build and download all programs but tried Download all programs. Then every variable, PLC, program in encrypted files go away, I checked it on the task manager. If possible I would like to know how to hide only some files and allow user to add some codes to a project. Thank you again.
  4. Hello, I am Sang Joon Lee. I would like to ask regarding 72EX communication troubleshooting. A customer has been using 72EX since July 2019, since then their application worked fine until Feb 2020. (their application was set in July 2019.) Communication error codes that I have received from the user are as follows. 1. #define SStat_ulSystemError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[50] 2. #define SStat_ulBootError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[51] 3. #define CC0_ulCommunicationError Acc72Ex[0].Udata32[198] Not yet, I know what values or codes those parameters have for the situation. Could they be meaningful? are they common terms for 72EX? I could not be able to find those parameters from the 72EX manual. How could I check with those error codes? (Mitubish plc is its only slave.) According to the manual, a 72EX has SYS and COM LED indicators. I would like to know what flashing COM1 LED means. Actually, 72EX card I have here has 1 sys led(green on), 1 com0 led(green on), and another one has no mark for it. So I am assuming it is com1, but the thing is it is flashing red. If I am correct, it shows slave 1 has a bad communication with its master. is it correct? (again, Mitubish plc is its only slave.) And if there are other methods for troubleshooting 72EX with Mitubish communication error please share with me. Thank you for any comment.
  5. Hi Eric. What I know is, The PMAC comes back online then the operator does their initializing step to resume his work. I would like to know if PMAC can reboot automatically on a condition rather than having an external power loss? -> ok, it does not reboot automatically. Or any other possibility do you think of it? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am Sang Joon Lee I would like to ask if a Ck3e reboots itself for some reason. For instance, operating at a temperature higher than it could endure. or a power surge, ground loop, IP infliction between PC and PMAC, etc. the ck3e is the only application in its network. and it spontaneously reboots and comm gets lost. the firmware version is IDE version should be 4.2.xx or 4.3.xx I appreciate a list of the possible causes. Thank you.
  7. Hi Alex, understand. I have told the user not to use a bare variable call. As I know, the user is more familiar with Turbo PMAC but I have been converting his application to Power PMAC. Thank you for your help Alex, Eric!
  8. Sorry. According to my senior, the G-code generator is built for Turbo PMAC. For a number of Turbo PMAC users, calling M variable in script program clears an application system configuration before starting some operations. But Power PMAC does not accept this way of variable call and I need to instruct users not to use querying variables in script programs. And I am reporting this to know if querying a variable is not to be allowed.
  9. Hi, history of this is, I visited a user and he has a program that generates PMAC program script, includes G code, from CAD. One of his scripts includes "P0360" at line number 3 or 4. I told the user not to include a variable call as shown. And I have tested as follows. open prog 1 p100 abs close prog 1 is ok open prog 2 q100 p100=62 abs close prog 2 stops open prog 3 i100 p100=63 abs close prog 3 is ok #define Slave_1001_R88D_1SN01H_ECT_1001_60B8_0_Touchprobefunction ECAT[0].IO[2].Data ptr Latch -> ECAT[0].IO[2].Data open prog 4 Latch p100=64 abs close prog 4 assume Latch as a M-code call, Latch=M8192 in my case. It is ok though. and TurboPmac accepts the following program. OPEN PROG 1 CLEAR p100 p100 p100 p100 p100 i122=10 m172=5000 X (m172) I5111=100*8388608/I10 WHILE(I5111>0) ENDWHILE while(M133=0 or M140=0) endwhile G14 CLOSE calling p100 in script is accepted in TurboPMAC but PowerPMAC does not.
  10. Hello, I am sang joon Lee. I am reporting an IDE bug, maybe a compile-time bug. When calling a P-variable, for instance, p100, and not assigning any value to it within a motion program, calling the program does not go further down from the variable call. It stops at p100. The followings are my code. open prog 1 Ldata.motor = 1 p100(here) motor[1].progjogpos=10000; Jog =*; call Timer.msec(100); while(motor[1].inpos==0 || motor[1].desvelzero==0) {} m14 close open prog 1001 N14000 dwell(0) motor[1].JogTa=-5 motor[1].JogTs=-30 motor[1].JogSpeed=60 motor[1].progjogpos=0 Ldata.motor=1 Jog=*; call Timer.msec(100); while(Motor[1].desvelzero==0) {} return Well, the code does not fail at download. if I put P100=1 instead of P100, the program works. I guess it halts on runtime error. However, IDE did not catch when compiling the program. I used CK3M and omron 1S driver. CK3M firmware : IDE version : Thank you.
  11. Hello. I have found an update for PMAC servo analyzer software from the software center of the deltatau website. Is there windows 10 compatible PMAC servo analyzer? if not, what version of windows are compatible? Thank you.
  12. Hi. I have been struggling with Power PMAC IDE 4. Whenever I try to create a new project, there is no Power PMAC template I can choose. I only can create an empty solution but I cannot create any Power PMAC contents in it. Loading project fails and reloading function shows an null pointer error. building any exisiting project does not go successful. uninstalling IDE and reinstalling does not solve this. all symptoms do not appear on IDE 3. Is there any method that can uninstall IDE and its related registry?
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