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Error passing string to "system" command in PLC routines

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Hi, I'm tryng to pass a string as parameter to "system" command in a PLC like this:


open plc SYSLOG_TEST

	system "logger -i -p user.debug -t test_plc %s", "Testing syslog on Delta Tau"

	disable plc SYSLOG_TEST



I'm getting this error:

...\21-SyslogTest.plc(30,1) : Error : ( error #31)  data error in equation :   system "logger -i -p user.debug -t test_plc %s", "Testing syslog on Delta Tau"


But, at the POWER PMAC SOFTWARE REFERENCE MANUAL, the "system" command description says this:



Firmware version:

What am I doing wrong?

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I think you have to store the string in the user-buffer and use the address of the beginning of your string.

From the manual


For a string variable, the expression value (rounded down to the next integer if necessary) represents the starting index in user shared memory of the string variable to be used.


L0 = strcpy(6,"test")
system "touch /var/ftp/gather/%s",6

you can use the L0 for some sanity checks

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