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Strange download errors with Power PMAC IDE


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I have made my first download attempts with my Power PMAC Clipper and am encountering a few strange errors in setting up my motors.  The attached file shows the complete list that I want to use.  There are issues with three of the parameters; they are commented out in the file.  When I activate them (one at a time), I get the following error messages:

C:\DeltaTau\PowerPMAC2\PowerPMAC2\PMAC Script Language\Global Includes\PTDEV.30.00.pmh(430,1) : Error : ( error #21)  ILLEGAL PARAMETER :  Motor[1].p63=6.66666

C:\DeltaTau\PowerPMAC2\PowerPMAC2\PMAC Script Language\Global Includes\PTDEV.30.00.pmh(475,1) : Error : ( error #21)  ILLEGAL PARAMETER :  Motor[1].MotorNode=0

C:\DeltaTau\PowerPMAC2\PowerPMAC2\PMAC Script Language\Global Includes\PTDEV.30.00.pmh(501,20) : Error : ( error #70)  Struct Write Data Error :  Motor[1].pPhaseEnc=0

The motor settings reside in a global include file (,pmh) that is designed to be the only machine-specific file in my whole program package for the controller.

What is wrong with these parameters?




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It looks like somewhere you have "JogSpeed" defined as "p63", i.e. a #define JogSpeed p63.  That would change Motor[1].JogSpeed to Motor[1].p63, which is an "invalid parameter".  

I believe that should be Motor[1].MotorMode, not Motor[1].MotorNode. 

Try setting Motor[1].pPhaseEnc=sys.pushm instead of =0.


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