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Setting up a PowerPMAC Clipper for 3 simple stages


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I am trying to convert from a Turbo PMAC2 Clipper to a PowerPMAC 465 Clipper (as a current stand-in for a CK3C AX1100 Clipper, which is to replace the Turbo Clipper for us).  I have cut the Turbo program down to 3 small PLCs, a macro definition file and a machine-specific paramweter definition file.

My hardware downstream from the Clipper consists of 3 leadscrew stages with stepper motor (Schneider M-2218-3.0) and amplifier (IMS IM483H Plus), with rotary encoders on the motors (2000 lines/rev, quadrature).

With no other custom additions to my PowerPMAC project, I can can build and download into my Power Clipper seemingly without errors.  However, when I power up the amplifers and motors, they ignore what I have in my project and all three just creep slowly towards one end of their motion range.  They even ignore the setting

So I started to tell the IDE project about the hardware and defined the amplifer, motor and encoder with the corresponding part managers.  The amplifier is accepted without complaint, but the IDE does not like to add my motor to the configuration, saying
    A stepper motor can only be configured as high pole-pair brushless using the BrickLV amplifier.

I have attached the topology display with the error message and my amplifier and motor definitons in their parts manager displays, and also (substantially trimmed) the machine-specific parameter file.

What am I missing or doing wrong?





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Okay, picking "Torque" got me through to the "Test and Set" step.  The test fails, and my motors still do their slow creep, moving their stages towards one end.  The troubleshooter for "Why is my motor moving slowly?" is happy with all parameters it shows.  I don't have any limit switches but PowerClipper complains about both positive and negative overtravel limits being flagged.  It also complains about amplifier faults, although that maybe a polarity issue in my hardware.  For a test, I have swapped in a PMAC2A/PC104 (I don't have a Turbo Clipper on hand; the programs are the same between the Clipper and the PC104 to the extent they can be), and the stages behave all around.  So what could still be wrong?



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I'm still looking why my motors creep on their own.  I commented a few settings related to the PFM clock frequency, did a Build and Download, and got a new error:

C:\DeltaTau\PowerPMAC3\Configuration\systemsetup.cfg(796,1) : Error : ( error #20)  ILLEGAL CMD :  Coord[1].SignIsDirType=0

I walked my changes back, Build and Download again, and the new error is staying there.  Where does it come from?  The manual says this parameter is new with Firmware version2.6 - I have (and IDE  Did the IDE update itself silently?

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I downgraded the IDE from to and got rid of the message about Coord[1].SignIsDirType that way.  I still don't see where to look why the PowerPMAC makes my motors drift away while the PMAC2A/PC104 controls them just fine.

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You can avoid that message in the newer IDE by not selecting any rollover mode for the CS. You will need to do that manually or upgrade your firmware.


The motor drift is may be due to the tuning. I believe you should only use “Velocity” for the proper tuning. The Pulse and Direction setup is not a “Torque” output.


It could also be something in your drive. This would be a technical support issue.

Please contact ODT's direct technical support with your full issue details at:



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thanks for being patient with me.  I have no problem sticking to until I get the firmware update (I've asked our local distributor and Omron rep for it.)

I'm running right now with only one motor (no.1), until I get it going.  I still doubt that it is the tuning:

1.  The motor does not respond to setting Motor[1].ServoCtrl=0.

2.  The motor does not respond to setting Kp=Ki=0 in the Motor[1].Servo block.  If I do that with a Turbo Clipper or PMAC2A/PC104, the motor gets stopped and held in place.  We use this setting to prevent vibrations induced by the motor slightly hunting, which occurs on some of our machines, and there are situations where we absolutely have to avoid that.

I also doubt that it is the drive or motor or anything downstream from the JMACH1 and JMACH2 connectors, because I can hook the 50-wire ribbon and 34-wire ribbon to my old PMAC2A/PC104 and it works flawlessly.

I'll take this one over to ODT-Support as you suggested.

Cheers,             Jochen

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