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How can i use manually motors on PowerPmac IDE


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Hi everyone,

I search how can i command manually a motor (link with a PowerPmac). Indeed, I'm not an expert on this subject. That's why i ask this question. 

I have already different PLC which command the motor, but that's automatically and i didn't write this program. As consequence, i don't know how i must program for pilot manually a motor. 

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The answers depend on various things:

     What type of motor?

     What type of amplifier?

     What type of Power PMAC?  

     What "PLC" are you using?

Power PMACs can be configured for a wide variety of hardware, and as such setup is not a trivial task.  Three and four day classes are offered which are meant for getting motion control professionals started on PMAC setup and programming.  You might consider getting help from an Omron Delta Tau integrator.

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