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Power PMAC 465CPU is restarting on its own randomly.


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Power PMAC 465 CPU is restarting on its own randomly. there is no indication of any PWR FAIL or WatchDog also on the CPU indicators LED's. The communication is lost suddenly and it is restoring to normal after 10 to 30 seconds. Is there any particular reason ? Where shall i find the latest firmware for 465 CPU , so that i can try running the same project with latest firmware. 

IDE used is Ver3.

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Top Posters In This Topic

This would be a technical support issue.

Contact your local Omron Technical Support as they should be your primary choice. They can “escalate” any issues back to the US domestic group if needed. This provides for better visibility within the Omron organization. This will also be more timely being in a “closer” time zone. 

 You can always send inquiries to Omron Global support at "ia.techsupport@omron.com". Make certain to have “Delta Tau” or “PMAC” clearly in the subject line for proper “group” routing. If they are unable to provide support then please contact US Domestic support (ODT-Support@omron.com) directly.


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