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PMAC IDE Not Saving Login Credentials


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I am currently using a CK3E with PPNC. I am trying to secure the PMAC source code so that when deployed in the field people can not just upload/read our project.

Using PPNC means we can not encrypt the project via the PMAC IDE as that breaks communication between PMAC and PPNC.

Ive changed the default linux password and that seems to have worked ok but the IDE still stores the credentials defeating the purpose. Can the IDE have the option to not save login credentials?


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4 hours ago, steve.milici said:

The SW development group will add this to the security features of the IDE in a future release.

Thanks great thanks.

Where is the best place to find the latest version of the IDE? 

This (https://automation.omron.com/en/us/products/family/PMAC IDE) page currently has version

this (https://www.ia.omron.com/product/tool/pmac-software/index.htm) page currently has version

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