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Assigning 'nan' to Gate3


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I have noticed that if a 'nan' value is assigned into a Gate3[i].Chan[j].PwmFreqMult, then 0 is set to it.

Also, the IDE doesn't showed me any kind of error or warning when downloading.

Tested on:

  • FW:
  • CPU: PowerPC,APM86xxx
  • IDE:

Is this behaviour expected?


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This was allowed starting with firmware version to allow “fload” to restore PMAC variables saved as “nan” with the “fsave” feature.

From the “Power PMAC Software Reference Manual” in the chapter “FIRMWARE UPDATE HISTORY” starting on page 1656 (specifically on page 1658):

4. Permit “fload” of user variables that had been stored with “fsave” as “not-a-number” (nan). Previously resulted in abnormal program termination.

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