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Why does position jump happen on motor enabling

Qing Xie

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Hello everyone:
My motor desired position (Motor[0].DesPos) may jump randomly and sharply when motor servo on by orders like "jog/", "jog0:0".
I use a load cell voltage(-10V ~ +10V) as my motor position value, the corresponding code is shown as bellow.


// use encode convert table to right move adc raw data
EncTable[3].Type          = 1
EncTable[3].pEnc          = Gate3[2].Chan[0].AdcAmp[0].a        // feedback source. AdcAmp: adc
EncTable[3].index1        = 0
EncTable[3].index2        = 16                                              // input raw data(type 1: WORD) right move bits
EncTable[3].ScaleFactor   = 1

// use encode convert table to track filte data
EncTable[8].Type          = 1
EncTable[8].pEnc          = ect_ss_actor.PrevEnc.a        // feedback source. AdcAmp: adc
EncTable[8].index1        = 1
EncTable[8].index2        = 245                                        // input raw data(type 1: WORD) right move bits
EncTable[8].ScaleFactor   = 1

Motor[0].pEnc             = ect_ss_actor_flt.a
Motor[0].pEnc2            = ect_ss_actor_flt.a

The value of  desired position (Motor[0].DesPos) is equal to the actual position value when the servo loop is disabled. But once I close the servo loop by using "jog/", "jog0:0", etc. the value of Motor[0].DesPos will change to a random value immediately, and then change to actual position gradually.
The sharply position jump may cause great possition error and ServoOut.

How can I avoid this position jump?

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38 minutes ago, leandro.martins said:

Maybe that might happen because at the moment you command "jog/", your motor has a non-zero velocity, then when you issue the command, the controller will decelerate it before going to the initial position.

You can try to set Motor[x].JogTa and Motor[x].JogTs to 0, to see if that effect is reduced.

I use an analog sensor (load cell) as the position feedback, so the motor's actual velocity can not be exact zero, even PMAC send no pulse to motor. 

And here is another question, how does pmac determine Motor[0].DesPos, why does not the value keep equal to actual position.

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On 6/12/2023 at 10:38 PM, leandro.martins said:

The DesPos is calculated at each servo interruption.
You can check the coefficients of cubic equation used for the calculation in the "Motor[x].New[i]." structure.

How did you design your tracking filter (cutoff frequency, damping and sample rate)?

Thank you Martins, I will try to track the Motor[x].New[i]  structure.

I designed the filter, followed the steps in manual, cutoff freq. = 100, damping = 0.7 sample rate = 20k

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