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Geo Brick Drive TCP Socket Connection, Windows 10


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I've recently been tasked with starting the transition between Turbo PMAC to Power PMAC. As we progress, I need a short-term solution for machine support and am attempting to connect via a TCP socket on port 1025 per the manual. I saw in another thread a post about and ethernet communications manual, but the link has since decayed. I understand this is obsolete and support is limited.

I have established the socket connection but am having issues getting the drive to respond to the "0x40 0xB0 #4J+" commands.

I'm assuming it should be "00110000 01111000 00110100 00110000 00100000 00110000 01111000 01000010 00110000 00100000 00100011 00110100 01001010 00101011" but cannot find a working example.





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You might find some answers in the Turbo PMAC Users manual (attached) under the heading WRITING A HOST COMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM.  

As for communications manual, there is the PcommServer manual which comes with the purchase of the PCommServer Pro2 library, for writing HMI applications, part number 3A0-9PPRO2-35x.



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