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Axis position report in L variable


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From the manual, the command "p" is described as


Power PMAC leaves the values for each axis whose position is computed due to this
command in local variable for the communications thread L(256+Sys.MaxMotors+n), where n is
the “axis index” value 0 to 31 (0 for A, 1 for B, etc.)


With Sys.MaxMotors=32, I'd expect that the position of axis A would be stored in Coord[x].Ldata.L[288], however the target position (not the current) is present in Coord[x].Ldata.L[512].

It happens in FW, cpu PowerPC,APM86xxx.

Is that an error in the manual or am I missing something?
Is there any L variable that keeps the current position for each axis reported like the command "p", or the only way is using the pread and D-variables?

Thanks in advance.

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Actually, as I'm just investigating if it's possible to use the L-variables like the manual says, I have just made a very simple test commanding the movements using the cpx command via terminal.

Is there a call/callsub behind the cpx command?

I have tested with a motion program instead of using the cpx


open prog 1     

    abs  linear     

    tm(Q70) A(Q71);     

    dwell 0;



And I got the same behaviour:

  • Coord[1].Ldata.L[288] statys as 0, it doesn't matter the value of &1Q71 that use
  • Coord[1].Ldata.L[512] updates to the target position at the moment that I run the program
  • &1p updates with the current value for the whole movement, as expected
  • Using a plc containing the pread is possible to watch the axis A position updating
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