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Plot Gather Data Error


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I am having an issue when using the plot program.  After a gather operation is done...and I click the Upload button... I get this error:


Any known bugs or useful workarounds here??     My normal procedure when Plot acts up is to close the IDE and restart.  But, that's not doing the trick this time.  Power cycled the CK3M, too.




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I figured out what was going on here.   To reproduce this issue...

  • Include p1 as a variable to plot.  (Sys.P[1] in the "Data to Sample" column) It doesn't have to be in the plotting column
  • At the terminal, type:  P1 = 1/0       (to give P1 the value of  "INF")
  • Gather some data...
  • Press the "Upload data" button ... and the error message will appear

It sure would be nice if the error message were more helpful...

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