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IDE v4.6.0.14 Systemsetup.cfg


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When trying to build our project it seems as though our current set up gets overwritten by this systemsetup.cfg file, with different values than what we've specified, despite not selecting this file to download with the config file download process.


It appears to be overwriting this value (and others) from our file.


We are just trying to understand the purpose of systemsetup.cfg, if we can work with it and specify values within it, or if there is a possible work around.

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Select “No” for “Download systemsetup.cfg File” in the project properties page.


The IDE automatically maintains the file and saves any changes from IDE domain to this file – there are some default settings in this file. Changes in the terminal window or downloads of custom configuration files are not updates there.


This is documented in the IDE manual. See the following sections:

“DIFFERENCES BETWEEN V3.X AND V4.X” starting on page 13.

“PROJECT SYSTEM” starting on page 176, then 183, 196, 200, 255, 297, 299, 304, 313, 331 and 333.


Specifically see section “Upgrading project from IDEV3.x to IDEV4.x” starting on page 436.


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To expand a little bit on the "purpose" for that file--


If users use the "System" folder of their project to configure their system (clocks, motors, etc.), when users perform a download, the IDE will first take all of the settings from that folder and compile them into "systemsetup.cfg".


Because of this, like Steve said--if you aren't using the "System" folder, but instead using the older method of configuring things with files in Global Includes or manually loading a Configuration file, you should set the file to not download.





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