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ACC24E2A is not recognized in the system

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I'm using UMAC system with Turbo Pmac2 CPU, 1 servo ICs ACC24EA, they're all put into ACC-U10 UBUS Backplane. One day, I tried to registered a PComm32.dll into my laptop with connected with the UMAC by ethernet, suddenly, the servo ICs is disconnected from the system. I checked and found that the 2 PWR led were off and 4 ENC led were amber instead of green. What should I do to make the ACC-24E2A be recognized in the system again ?

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If this were previously working the PMAC configuration may have been compromised causing a watchdog or corruption of the clocks. This would de-assert the CPUs “Power Good” signal and cause the ACC-24E2x to disable its power system.

If a power cycle does not clear the issue, then execute a factory reset on the CPU (E3 jumper). You will need to reload a known-good configuration.

It is also possible the hardware was compromised and will require a repair on the CPU or axis card or both.

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