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How to call the motion control program and plc at the same time

Peter Walker

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How to use a PowerPMACUMAC to call multiple motion programs at the same time, or run a plc force control and a loaded motion program at the same time, to realize the combination of force control loads and a variety of sine wave signals with different phases, different peak values, and different frequencies (similar to in one adder)

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Thank you for your reply. I used my motor to build a small transmission device. The driver of the motor was connected to the corresponding board of PowerPMACUMAC, and a force sensor was installed on the device. The other end was connected to the ACC28E board of PowerPMACUMAC through the power supply. The virtual motor, electronic gear and encoder conversion table are defined on the card and in the globaldefinition, and a great force control is realized by adjusting the parameters. This language is written in plc1 of PLCPrograms. In addition, I also wrote a motion program, let it run alone, the result is normal, and then I set the switch if (p48==1) to start this motion program in the if statement in plc1. After I enable plc1, I input the increment of force (the global variable I defined) through the terminal window, it will run normally, but when starting the motion program, either the Coord[0] error message appears, or the motion program overwrites the previous There is only one kind of movement for the force control command. What I want to know is how to couple the two kinds of motion (plc force control and motion program). I look forward to your next reply and express my deep gratitude to you again!

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