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Required jumpers on a Turbo Clipper


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We bought a Turbo Clipper model 4-3871C3-2005-300000 in the secondary market.  It came with just one jumper installed, on header JP1.  When we powered the board up, the watchdog LED D3 came up red immediately.  We had a miscue by putting the 50-wire ribbon cable on in reverse, which in effect connected +5 V on our side at pin 47 to pin 4 (GND) on the Clipper, and which we fixed after a few minutes.  Pins 1-4 and 48-50 are not connected to anything on our side, so I hope that we may have a chance for not having burned up any component.

I need to know if missing all E jumpers would lead to the D3 LED lighting up red, and I need to know which jumpers need to be present at a minimum to make the board work.  We have connections for the power supply TB1, JMACH1 (50 pin), JMACH2 (37 pin) and USB communication.  From the hardware reference manual I gathered that jumper E7 ("related to USB/Ethernet reset") would be absolutely necessary to have in place, so I put a jumper on it.  My next candidates would be E11 and E12 related to reset at power-up.

I appreciate any suggestions.

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Additional information:

I added jumpers on E11 and E12, theD3 LED is still red.

Windows reports the Clipper as a "Delta Tau UMAC USB 2.0 Device".  That was previously for the Turbo Clippers we used "Delta Tau PMAC USB 2.0 Device".

There is a yellow warning triangle at the Clipper entry in Device Manager.  The Properties window for this device reports:

"The software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows.  Contact the hardware vendor for a new driver. (Code 48)"

I am using a laptop with Windows 7 64-bit right now and have PEWinPro and PEWInPeo2 both on it.  Neither is willing to find the device.

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I solved the Code 58 issue.  I had messed up the driver installation, putting incompatible component versions together.  Device Manager still reports a UMAC but the setup now works as it should.

That leaves my primary question here open: Which E-jumpers do I absolutely have to install?

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