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Using T variable in motion program

Tom Rathbun

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it is possible to use the READ command to send parameters to subroutines.  For example  G04 X10.5 can be used to create a Dwell by creating a program 1000 with a line 4000.  G04 in the main program jumps to the that subprogram line then using a READ(X) command that will assign D27=10.5 then do a DWELL(D27*1000) to create a 10.5 second dwell.   This is Great but I want to use a T value but the default function  of T is to call subprogram 1004.  This works OK when you are using T to define a Tool Pocket but not so well when T defines a Tool Number between 1-999. It is not practical to create a subprogram with entries for all 1000 possible tool numbers when practically only 10-20 of them will ever be used.

  Long windup to ask the question, is it possible to use the READ(T) command to get a value from a program line like   T183G06?  I want to use G06 to command the Tool Change and extract the 187 and use it to look up the Tool Length and the Pocket that stores Tool Number 187.   I have not had success trying this.  


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