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Power PMAC wont recognize an ACC-11E in the IDE

Tom Rathbun

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I am trying add an acc-11e I/O board to my Power Pmac Umac style Rack.  When  I install  the acc-11e it is not recognized by the system even after $$$***.  I tried with an ACC-65E picked up perfectly but the ACC11e was not recognized.

using   the current version  of the power PMAC IDE

Any Thoughts?  

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  The “Acc11E[i]” data structure name is an alias in the Script environment for the underlying “GateIo[i]” data structure. The data structure elements for the ACC-11E digital I/O board are listed under the “GateIo[i]” data structure, in the “Power PMAC Software Reference Manual” under “Power PMAC Status Data Structure Elements” starting on page 978.

Note that the ACC-11E cannot be auto-identified by the Power PMAC CPU, so to use this data structure, the user must manually set “GateIo[i].PartNum = 603307”, “GateIo[i].PartType = 8”, issue a save command, and reset the controller, before being able to use this structure.

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Worked great Thank you

one documentation thing that was a little confusing in the documentation

GateIo[i].PartType = 8  (This worked)

the manual says:

GateIo[i].PartType contains an integer representing the type(s) of hardware interface of the board containing the IOGATE ASIC. It is derived from an identification IC associated with the ASIC, which is read automatically at power-up/reset. It reports as “nan” (not-a-number) if no ASIC with this index is present. Each bit specifies one type of interface that could be present. The bit is set if that type of interface is present with the IC. It is possible that multiple interface types could be present.

Bit 0 (value 1): Servo 

Bit 1 (value 2): MACRO 

Bit 2 (value 4): Digital I/O 

Bit 3 (value 8): Analog I/O

I would have thought this was a Digital I/O as opposed to Analog I/O.  


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