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Required Corner radius in rectangle/square . .

Manjunath Raysad

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Hello Delta tau Team,

Need your help i do have 2 questions.

1) How to Make Corner Radius for Square/Rectangle

Below is my motion program 

G01 X00 F20  
G01 X80 F20
G01 Y-80 F20 
G01 X00 F20  
G01 Y00 F20


Below is the CS parameter 

undefine all;
// CS Definitions - Customer to Modify

I need radius(varies) for the corner, What parameter i need to look after ?  What should be Coord[1].Ta, Coord[1].Ts value if i need 2.5 Radius in the corner?

I tried to use Coord[1].NoBlend but my end customer dont want to it ?

Note - Everytime I want to Vary the Radius.

Need sample code if possible.

Question 2 

My customer want to do circular interpolation

For Example I am using below command for cirlce, which works fine

open prog 1
G01 X20 Y25 F(Feed_Rate14)
G01 Z-5 F100
G02 X20 Y25 I10 J0 F(Feed_Rate14)
G01 Z10  F(Feed_Rate14)

But want he wants was if I make it 380 deg then it should go for 360 then another 20 Degree on same plane?

Like wise if 40 Deg then 360+40 = Total it would be 400 Degree on the same position.

And also How we can create Motion Program for Half Circle for example 

For the Below images

For your Information here is my Electrical Actuator connected?

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