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Gather Tool Doesn't Work on Old Model PowerPMAC


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We have an older model of PowerPMAC (Linux powerpmac running firmware

We are able to interact with it using a modern version of PowerPMAC IDE (, to read and change variables for example, but we are unable to use the Gather tool.

The tool window will open and the first step of running the gather appears to work.  However, when we attempt the next step of uploading the gathered data, the program just hangs indefinitely.

On older versions of the IDE (eg the Gather tool window opens, but then immediately closes.

Is this problem known about and is there a solution?

Thanks for any help,



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Indeed, the firewall was blamed.

For anyone that might have the same issue, the firewall configuration can be checked in:
Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Allowed applications

Here, it should exist an entry for DeltaTauGatherProgram, if there isn't it can be added with "Allow another app" option and pointing the path that should be something like :

Notice that the permission is defined for each: Domain, Private and Public.

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