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FrontRunner OCR Adaptive Thresholding

Steve T.

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I have an OCR Trainable Font tool that does not show the "Adaptive Thresholding" option as it does on other OCR tools of the same type.  I found this option is not made visible after selecting "Enhanced Process Mode" and then un-selecting "Enhanced Process Mode".  The other tools such as "Allow Overlapped Characters", etc. do re-appear as expected.  I attached screenshots showing the problem.  Please advise how I can re-access the "Adaptive Thresholding" option.  Thank you.

Step 1 Add New Tool.png

Step 2 Enhanced Processing Mode.png

Step 3 Adaptive Threshold Missing.png

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  1. Check Settings:

    • Ensure that "Enhanced Process Mode" is fully disabled.
    • Double-check other related settings that might affect the visibility of "Adaptive Thresholding".
  2. Reset Configuration:

    • Try resetting the OCR tool to its default settings to see if the option reappears.
  3. Update or Reinstall:

    • Ensure the OCR tool is updated to the latest version.
    • If the issue persists, consider reinstalling the tool.
  4. Contact Support:

    • Reach out to the tool's support team with screenshots and a detailed description of the issue.
    • They can provide specific guidance or a patch if it's a known issue.

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