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Continuous gather results to host, via ethernet

Brandon Irwin

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I have the need for a continuous gather recording. What's the best way to get this stream to a computer, on the network?

I was thinking of writing a C program to read from the gather circular buffer, then passing that to a circular buffer in the C program (I would like more buffer time that the memory available to gather can accommodate), in chunks, then sending chunks from there to the host computer, via TCP/IP. If the client on host computer isn't connected, then they just get dropped.

Is this a sane approach? Is there an "easy" way that I'm not aware of?

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There is!

I'm attaching an app note. In short, if you issue the "gather" command at the Linux prompt, it will effectively tap into the data being gathered and stream it to your terminal. If you'd prefer, you could even map the host computer as a network drive on your PMAC and then directly write to a file on it.

Advanced Data Gathering on Power PMAC.pdf

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