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ECAT Error 1000A


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Not often and at random, we get an Ecat[0].Error = 1000A.

We are configured for acontis and all their error codes are 98XXXXXX, the closest acontis error code is:

0x9811000A: CFG: No memory left (e.g. memory full / fragmented))

This is the only error we get that is not the full error code and it does not appear to do anything with memory. I believe this error code means something different that is not noted under the acontis error code list. Has anyone else came across something similar???

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We are using firmware 2.7 on a CK3E, but also had this issue on a CK3M. We have multi machines and it happens at random to them all. We are not using any cutter comp features.


We are running at 2kHz servo update and for a short time we tested with it bumped up to 4kHz and the 1000A error happened much more often at the faster speed (this was tested on a CK3M). It happens seldom at 2kHz but does still happen randomly. 

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Thanks rsipkema, I'm having our maintenance staff loo into swapping out all the cabling now. That's the only answer I see that makes sense.  We do no use cutter comp so I know it can't be that. We have 16 machines running the exact same project and one of them just started having this 1000A error happen multiple times a day no matter what I try and do to fix it. 

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