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Shreyas D

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Hello All,

I am very much new to PMAC & Delta-Tau Products

Right now, I am using Omron 1S Drive (Absolute Multiturn Encoder) along with CK3E Controller firmware version 2.7. 0.0

I need to understand how to do Absolute homing. Can you please help me with some project examples?

This would be great support.

I will wait for reply.

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See the attached document.  

Note that I did some testing with that procedure, and I had some trouble when I ran the PLC again with the axis in different positions.  There was a problem with the stored home position.  I remedied that with some code that used the HomeOffset to compensate for the last stored home position.  The code I added is in the two commented out sections here:

open plc Mot5AbsPos
LOCAL Direction //Is the drive set as CW+ or CCW+

local OldHomePos, HomePosDiff, HomeOffsetSetting
HomeOffsetSetting=Motor[5].HomeOffset    // Store HomeOffset
Sys.Udata[13] = ecattypedsdo(0,0,1,$4510,$84,0,$4) 
sys.Idata[14] = ecattypedsdo(0,0,1,$4510,$85,0,$4) 
Direction = ecattypedsdo(0,0,1,$3000,1,0,4) 
CALL Timer(0.050) 
Motor[5].AbsPosSf = ((2 * Direction) - 1) * Motor[5].PosSf 
CALL Timer(0.050) 
CALL Timer(0.050) 
Motor[5].HomeOffset = HomeOffsetSetting + OldHomePos - Motor[5].HomePos  // Restore HomeOffset and add in the change in HomePos
CALL Timer(0.050) 
Motor[5].HomeOffset = HomeOffsetSetting  // Restore proper setting


Absolute Homing a 1S Drive over EtherCAT.pdf

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