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syntax error, unexpected '*' - Are any possible solutions known?


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I am pulling this out of my thread "Using CaptCompISR"


A minimal test version of that function is this:


#include "usrcode.h"
#define _PPScriptMode_

#include "../Include/pp_proj.h"

void CaptCompISR(void)
    volatile GateArray3 *MyGate3;
    int *CompDebug;

    MyGate3 = GetGate3MemPtr(0);
    MyGate3->IntCtrl = 0x20;
    CompDebug = (int *)pushm + 65524;


It should increase the counter Sys.Idata[65524] by 1 when called and thus prove that it has been called.  It does not do this.  I do provide a legitimate trigger with script code, which is made visible by a LED.

However, the question here is why the Power PMAC IDE flags the declaration of *MyGate3 with a twiddle line under the asterisk and issues the message " syntax error, unexpected '*' ".

I have two look-alike motion systems (same hardware, one 15 years old, the other brand new), with the same CK3C controller on each (both brand new out of a delivery of 5 units), with an older Windows 10 laptop assigned to the old system and a new Windows 10 industrial panel PC to the new one.  On both, the same version of the IDE is installed, and the firmware reported for the CK3Cs is, the cpu is [arm,LS1021A].  Both systems suffer from the same disease.

I have found one previous post asking the same question, with no solution reported in the forum.  Does anybody have an answer?


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