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need help in setting up servo motor in omron ck3m using power pmac


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need help in setting up servo motor in omron ck3m with closed loop servo control using sd700 veichi servo driver and motor.

setup available 

omron ck3m with 4 channel axis card

veichi servo driver sd700 with motor

problem unable to tune the servo motor for closed loop position control using pulse type servo amplifier control .

suggest procedure for setting it up . thanks in advance

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The ACC-24E3 manual has a section under the heading Pulse-and-Direction Amplifiers which applies as well to the CK3W-1414x or CK3W-1515x.  Gain values for simulated loop are given as follows:

It is recommended that the following servo gain values be used to close a simulated loop:

 ·         Motor[x].Servo.Kp = 40

·         Motor[x].Servo.Kvfb = 0

·         Motor[x].Servo.Kvff = 40

·         Motor[x].Servo.Ki = 0.001

 Many users will want to create a half count of deadband in the servo loop to prevent dithering between adjacent steps at rest if the command value stopped in between them. To do this, set Motor[x].BreakPosErr to 0.5 (if the motor units are equal to pulses), and Motor[x].Kbreak to 0.0.


For more extensive information, see in the Power PMAC Users manual under the heading Setting Up Power PMAC for Pulse-and-Direction Control.

Similar to above, it states:

Parameters to Set Up Motor Servo Gains

If you are using a real feedback sensor, the motor’s servo loop should be tuned just as a normal servo motor would be. This is covered in a later section of the manual. However, if you are just using the counted pulse train for feedback to create a fully electronic loop, the response is very predictable, and the tuning gains can be set directly. The following values provide a responsive and stable performance at the default servo update frequency for a motor scaled in units of pulses (counts):

(Same settings as above)

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