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Need help starting an exiting gui

Daniel Justin

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My company is using a PMAC lite to control a single axis tumble head. This is a very old system, from the early 2000's. running on windows 2000. The computer died so we had to reinstall all the software that we believe was on there. We currently use pewin32pro and the company that setup the tumble head AG Davis, application to launch a GUI that is suppose to control the tumble head. The problem is that every time we launch their GUI it locks up and dies. Is there a specific folder structure I need to have that way when I launch the GUI it loads the .cfg file into pewin32pro? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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PEWIN32 Pro would have been installed and licensed using a CD that came with the purchase of the software.  A CD and and associated license key is needed for reinstallation.  Communication drivers are loaded with the installation and are probably needed by the GUI.  The Pro version can no longer be purchased.  The Pro2 version is still available for purchase, and it can be downloaded and installed for free, which will install the communication drivers; however, they are not compatible with the Pro drivers.  The only solution might be to have the GUI recoded for using the new communication library.  

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