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Power PMAC IDE Tune tool raises Exception Thrown by Target of an Invocation


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I made a fresh installation of Power PMAC IDE on a new Windows 10 computer.  Everything works apparently fine including my programs for/on a CK3C AX1100.  The only problem is that the Tune tool does not come up but  show an error message

Exception thrown by target of an invocation

I have tried reinstalling a few times, but the message did not budge.  There are two older programs on the system (which I control) that bring in Microsoft Visual C++ Distributables.

Are there any scenarios known in which this message would pop up in this way?

Cheers,         Jochen

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I suspect this might be a Windows “administration” issue. Uninstall and reinstall the software. Make sure to explicitly "Run as administrator" when running "setup.exe" (right mouse click) for the IDE installation.

Also temporarily disable any virus scan software and firewalls.

We know of two virus scan software packages that cause incorrect installation of Power PMAC IDE:

Avast Antivirus software.

Sophos Antivirus software.

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I can't remember if I got that message, but when I had issues opening the tune and gather tools, it was due to the Windows firewall.

It might worth to have a look if the DeltaTauGatherProgram is an allowed  app in  Windows Defender Firewall, for the type of network that you are using to connect with the Power PMAC.

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