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Rollover behavior in User Data


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It would be useful to be able to use 2’s complement math in Script.

But, I noticed the following oddity:

Sys.Udata[0]++      // doesn’t rollover… it saturates instead


Sys.Idata[0]++      // does rollover
Sys.CData[0]++        //does rollover

 To wrap my head around this… I created the following watch window:



I would have expected the unsigned data to be the one that rolls over.  'Curious.

Can we rely on this rollover behavior not to change in future firmware ??   I haven't tried it yet..but I wonder if this behaviour is the same when using C routines instead of script.

If you want to try out for yourself, I’ve attached the watch window XML file.







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Not much related, but it might be interesting to add for discussion.
Recently I have faced some differences on Sys.Cdata[i] structure between different firmware versions.
I can't say if the difference is due to firmware version, or is something more intrinsic to the cpu (since the PowerPC endianess diverge from the ARM).

While in fw the Sys.Udata[0] points to the same region of Sys.Cdata[3], in fw Sys.Udata[0] points to the same location of Sys.Cdata[0].




About the roll over, I have tested and both of the versions presented the same behaviour that Dave described.



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