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I hope to obtain the positions of all target points after the program parsing but before the PMC program runs, so that I can plot the motion trajectory in advance.


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The full “PMAC” motion trajectory is not available before PMAC executes each move. PMAC’s “execution time” target position data for each programmed move is not ready until PMAC parses the move at “calculation time”. The target position is then stored in the “Coord[x].TPData[i]. Target Position Buffer Status Elements” for access. See the “Coord[x]. Coordinate System Status Data Structure Elements” in the “Power PMAC Software Reference Manual” starting on page 834. Specifically see the “Coord[x].TPData[i]. Target Position Buffer Status Elements” starting on page 886. The “Coord[x].TPData[i].” substructure contains elements holding the target position data for programmed moves in the coordinate system between move calculation time and move execution time.

If you need your full “motion trajectory” before this, you could just use your programmed points from your motion program file to provide this. Alternately you could run your motion program on virtual motors in a different CS and store the resulting Target Position Buffer Status Elements data in an array.

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