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Access to Pulse_Per_Unit of motor


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[quote=DT-Europe] We need to know in script PLC the Pulse per Unit for motors when a coordinate system defintion like #1->1999.9X is active. Where to find this 1999.9 value? [/quote] This is accessed from the Motor[n].CoordSf[m] structure. The mapping is 0=A 1=B 2=C 3=U 4=V 5=W 6=X 7=Y 8=Z 9=AA 10=BB 11=CC 12=DD 13=EE 14=FF 15=GG 16=HH 17=LL 18=MM 19=NN 20=OO 21=PP 22=QQ 23=RR 24=SS 25=TT 26=UU 27=VV 28=WW 29=XX 30=YY 31=ZZ 32=Offset when you make #1->x+100 this is the 100
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