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Adding MODBUS Communication Option for Delta Tau Products


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This is the procedure to add the Modbus capability to any of Delta Tau’s controllers with Ethernet connectivity. Currently these controllers will support Modbus Communications:


- Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite Eth (Standalone Ultralite)

- Geo Brick Drive

- Brick Controller

- PMAC2A/PC104 with ACC-2P

- Clipper


Each of these controllers can be ordered with the Modbus option. But if the customer needs add this option later, it can be done through the following procedure.

1. Make sure that you have the correct driver for USB communication with the product. To check whether you have the correct driver, check the Device Manager. You can do this in a few ways:

- Right-click on My Computer icon, and select Properties. Go to Hardware Tab and click the Device Manager button.

- Right click on My Computer icon, select Manage and choose Device Manager under the System Tools branch.

- Press Windows-Pause combination key on your keyboard. Go to Hardware Tab and click the Device Manager button.

2. Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers you should see one of the devices indicating that it’s a Delta Tau USB 2.0 Device. Make sure that it doesn’t have an exclamation mark on it’s icon and it doesn’t show Delta Tau USB 2.0 Device NO EEPROM. If it does, then you need to reinstall the communication firmware for that device, which the procedure is different for some products. For further information please contact technical support.



3. From the start menu, under PMAC Executive PRO2 Suite, from Delta Tau Common folder, choose "Configure USB" (EthUSBConfigure.exe, using USB only).


NOTE: Make sure that the PEWIN32PRO2 or any other software that talks to PMAC is closed and the PcommServer is not running in the background. Running these programs simultaneously, can corrupt the firmware and bootstrap of the communication module of the PMAC.

4. If you are already connected to the PMAC through USB, the software will go directly to the configuration page, if not it will ask you to connect the USB cable.

5. In the configuration page, you can see these information about the communication firmware installed on your PMAC:

a. Firmware Version

b. Release Date

c. MAC ID Address

d. IP Address

e. Availability of Modbus Option

f. TCP/IP or UDP selection

g. Gateway Mask



IMPORTANT NOTE: Some Delta Tau products have a hardware level of extra protection against corruption of EEPROM, which has to be disabled in order to allow storing information on to EEPROM. Refer to Hardware Reference Manual of each product for specific details.

Below is a list of these products and how to disable the hardware write-protection for steps 6 through 9.

Product To Disable Write Protect
Turbo PMAC2 UMAC CPU (603766-107 and above):			Install E1 
Turbo PMAC2 Ethernet Lite (Clipper)(603871-103 and above): 	Install E8 
Brick Family of Products: 					Hold down the Boot SW (while performing steps below)

6. If the Modbus Option (e) is checked, the Modbus option is already installed on the unit. Go to step 8. If not, you have to have the appropriate BIN file to add the option to your PMAC. If you don’t have the BIN file, you can contact your distributor in order to purchase the option. Please make sure the you write down the MAC/ID of your PMAC which is in box (c).

7. Check mark the Modbus Option checkbox. A file open dialog box will appear asking for the BIN file. Please browse to the file and click open.

8. Make sure that you set the Gateway Mask (g) to and hit the Gateway Maskbutton.

9. Click the Done button.

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