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Converting PID gains from Turbo PMAC to Power PMAC


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I am converting a Turbo PMAC system to a Power PMAC and want to convert my PID gains instead of tuning from scratch. Are there conversion equations?[hr] The control loop in PPMAC is more capable than that in Turbo PMAC due to some new features and better numerical resolution. Therefore to get the most out of the system it is probably best to retune your motors but having a starting point for tuning is very useful and when you are converting the machine from Turbo PMAC to Power PMAC the PID from the turbo PMAC is a good starting point. These equations do not include the effect of the any low pass or notch filters so if you have used these in the Turbo PMAC you should first use the Tuning Pro2 software to remove the filters. Then use the resulting base PID for your conversion to PPMAC. And finally use the PPMAC Tuning to add new filters. Having used that disclaimer the basic conversion equations are: PPmac Kp = Pmac Kp * ix08 / 2^19 PPmac Kd = PPmac Kp * Pmac Kd *ix09 / (ix08 * 2^7) PPmac Ki = Pmac Ki / 8388607 Note: In the PPmac Kd term this is really Power PMAC Kp and not a typo. [attachment=1328:name]
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