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How to transfer PEWIN32PRO2 software license to a different computer

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Follow these steps to transfer software authorization from one computer to another:


1) Install the PMAC Executive PRO2 Suite software package on the TARGET computer and run it. Once prompted choose to register the software and the software will provide you with a Site Code. (the Site Code will be generated after installing the trial version, downloadable from www.deltatau.com )


2) Obtain the Site Code from the TARGET computer.


3) Run the PEWIN32PRO2 on the SOURCE computer which already has the license.

4) From the Help menu, Choose “Transfer License” on the SOURCE computer.

5) Enter the Site Code from the TARGET computer that you got in step 2 into the "Site Code" field on the SOURCE computer.

6) Click on "Transfer" on the SOURCE computer.


WARNING: You will be asked to verify the transfer. If you click yes, then this installation of the software will be disabled on the SOURCE computer. The only way to reenable the software will be by transferring it back from another authorized machine.


7) A transfer key will be automatically generated and placed into the "Transfer Key" field. Write down this key.


8) Complete the transfer by entering the transfer key into the "Site Key" field on the Authorization form of the TARGET computer following the outlined procedure.

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I got this question from a customer of mine that installed a new PC and transferred the license. Any ideas what the issue may be?


Ran across something strange this morning. I logged on to the computer as a User and when I opened up the Pewin software it told me the license trial period had expired. I transferred it from the old computer. I was logged on to the admin account on the new machine when I put the site code in. Will that make it do that? I transferred the license to the user account and it’s good for that but now the admin account says the trial has expired. Have you ran into this and will it cause the same problem when we make new users on the computer? Thanks.


Thanks for the help.

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