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Tuning of Cross Coupled Motors

Darren Kessner

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I have a a lot of trouble trying to tune a cross coupled motors correctly. X axis consists of #7 real motor and #1 imaginary. C axis consists of #8real motor and #2 imaginary. I built a download file to of the PID terms for all four axes. I work on tuning axis each paired axis like I normally do with just a single axis. I tune axes #7 and #1 as a pair. Then I tune axes #8 and #2 as a pair, then go back and forth. I can run up to about 30"/sec max. with the machine. I have .25um scales. I can not have it as tight as I would like. I don't think that I am correctly understanding the feed back path correctly. I believe that I need, and on other cross coupled machines have tuned the cross coupled pairs close in values, but slightly different to dampen the system. I have attached my tuning parameters. Thanks, Darren
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