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Difference between Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite and Turbo PMAC2


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[quote='Ernest_China' pid='372' dateline='1271061238'] The first:,what's difference between 'Turbo PMAC2 Board(non-ultralite)' and 'Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite board' in software reference manual of Turbo PMAC/PMAC2 ? The second,what's difference between 'Turbo PMAC2-Eth-Lite (Clipper Board)' and 'PMAC2A-PC104 '? [/quote] Turbo PMAC2 PCI and Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite are both from Turbo PMAC2 family of products meaning their programming, features are identical, however the way that they interact with the outside world is different. The Turbo PMAC2 PCI has hardware interface chips on-board which means it can receive signals such as encoder counts or flag inputs and analog signals and also it can send out PWM/DAC/PFM signals. In contrast, Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite can only talk to the outside world through MACRO interface. The MACRO interface will allow the hardware interface chips to be placed at a distance and be controlled by Turbo PMAC2 Ultralite over MACRO ring. Turbo PMAC2 Eth Lite or Clipper is also a part of Turbo PMAC2 family of products designed for more inexpensive solutions which utilize Filtered PWM output instead of DAC output For most applications this difference can be negligible. The design of Clipper was based upon PMAC2A/PC104 product, however, the PMAC2A/PC104 is a non-Turbo CPU which means the firmware, capabilities and memory size of PMAC2A/PC104 is different from Clipper.
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